Why use Geiersbach Construction?

At Geiersbach Construction, we take our partnership role with our clients very seriously. We believe it is our responsiblility to provide you with the most accurate information possible, to help you with your decision making process.

Complete Project Support

We will NOT leave items out of the estimate, which we know will ultimately be required for the project, just to make our number APPEAR LOW. Over the years this approach has cost us work, but it has also generated a large list of satisfied clients who entrusted their projects to us. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next construction project and demonstrate the peace of mind that can be gained by knowing that, YOU HAVE A PARTNER IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.

Commitment to Excellence

We will review the conceptual plan and discuss with you the client your needs and wants.

  • Initial meeting to define the project
  • Visit the site and map out existing conditions
  • Develop a conceptual plan drawing
  • Review conceptual plan drawing and discuss with Owner
  • Review conceptual plan drawing with our designer
  • Make any necessary revisions based on current codes
  • Develop a line item Budget Estimate & review with Owner
  • Review subcontractors and material bids
  • Revise and adjust plan to bring project into budget
  • Develop the performance specifications & contract
  • Finish final drawings
  • Develop Construction Schedule & Schedule of Values
  • Upon completion of plans, apply for Building Permit
  • Start Construction; review progress weekly with owner
  • Achieve substantial completion & finish Final Punch List

Developing a line item Budget Estimate for your review gives you that edge to see how each price will affect your hard costs of the project whether it’s a single building or a site plan for development you will have the opportunity to review subcontract and material bids. We then revise the plan to keep the project under or on budget with your expectations.

We develop the performance specifications and Contract for you. This will engage the architects and engineering for design. Upon completion of plans we will handle the necessary permits for your project. At this point we will review the construction schedule and schedule of values. With your approval we begin construction and conduct weekly progress meetings until completion of the project.

We have the unique ability to provide industry above-average service after the sale. Once we achieve substantial completion of the project and the final punch list, we continue to work with you as your building advisers on any future plans, facility requirements, and normal wear on the building.

Professional Partnerships

Geiersbach Construction enjoys excellent relationships with many architects and engineers throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region with whom we have worked closely as team members. Relying on our partnerships is essential on all Design Build projects. Our well defined subcontractor supplier network is broad enough to meet any project demands. Subcontracting firms and suppliers are treated both ethically and professionally as we are proud to conduct business in this manner with a commitment of excellence.

Measure Twice, Cut once.

Geiersbach Construction differentiates from the competition by gathering comprehensive program information and performing professional conceptual planning and accurate estimating early in the construction process. This empowers client’s early decision making with regard to project feasibility, financial forecasting, and overall project development based on accurate current information. This above and beyond service work results in very strong relationships with our clients based on mutual respect and trust